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A Nigerian private-label Spice and Herbs manufacturer registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission.


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In 2007 when I became sick, I was helped with simple natural cooking methods and healthy practices. This opened my eyes to value God's natural provisions to man -- Genesis 1:29.

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Save up to ₦‎2,000 by selecting three or more spices, which we will package into a lovely gift set.

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As a manufacturer, our knowledge of herbs and spices is at the heart of everything we do and the driving force behind all our exciting new products. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute safe natural and healthy spice formulations for healthy foods to the industry and our community.

Why Choose Uto Brand?

Authentic Flavours:

Uto Spices are sourced from the finest ingredients and blended to create authentic and unique flavors that enhance the taste of any dish.

Cultural Significance:

Uto Spices are inspired by the rich cultural diversity of Africa. Our spices are deeply rooted in African culinary traditions and are carefully crafted to bring the flavors of Africa to your kitchen.


Uto Spices can be used in a wide range of dishes, from traditional African cuisine to continental dishes.