About Us

A Nigerian private label Spice and Herbs manufacturer, registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission.

In 2007 when I became sick, I was helped with simple natural cooking methods and healthy practices. This opened my eyes to value God's natural provisions to man – Genesis 1:29. You can imagine the joy of getting healthy and well by simply using natural herbs,spices and foods in their natural states both for myself and some of my clients. As a Dietitian, I became concerned about food flavorings and seasonings which is a necessity to get pleasure as most seasonings contain MSG and other items that may be injurious or aggravate unhealthy conditions.

So I started mixing ,cooking and getting family members and other people to taste our spice blends. To God's glory our Spice Mixes became official Dec 2021 and has been receiving acceptance.

It's of importance to note that aside from adding great flavors to your meals , all our spice formulations contain phytochemicals, powerful antioxidants and minerals that can fight inflammation and provide major health benefits in regulating metabolic and cardiovascular functions.

No wonder Hippocrates wrote, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

Our vision started with a concern for the non-availability of natural Non-MSG Spice blends for tasty Nutritious meals.


Today the vision has grown from just in-house production to a standard facility which provides the opportunity to do more.We aspire to be at every home and store shelving with our Non-MSG Spice Brands reaching our local clients and internationally, those in diaspora.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with healthy Non-MSG quality spice mix custom blends and private label products by committing to the highest standards in food safety and client services.

Our Products

As a manufacturer, our knowledge of herbs and spices is at the heart of everything we do and the driving force behind all our exciting new products. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute safe natural and healthy spice formulations for healthy foods to the industry and our community.

We package in single, large and bulk wholesale containers and meeting our clients demand is always our delight. All of our formulations are natural, and NON-MSG.

Our Goals

At Uto Spices and Marinades Ltd, nutritious food flavorings and seasonings are our specialty. We focus on delivering spicy pleasure with every meal in a healthy way that is free of MSG and other unhealthy additives. Our Uto spices will give your every meal, what we call TASTY NUTRITION- Nutritious meals that are tasty and delicious . Simply add our spices to your cooking ,salt(we recommend Sea salt) add fish, chicken or meat of your choice or any other local spice for native foods like ogiri or iru and get ready for an unforgettably savory meal.